With so many countries, cultures, languages, and varieties of cuisine around the world how can you bare to stay in one place? Travel allows you to experience something different every day. 


Spain & Portugal Adventure 

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Destinations: Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon

Spain is regional. For much of its history Spain was a collection of kingdoms, and even the language we call Spanish is not used universally – just wander around Barcelona or the Basque country. Point is, to get a real feel for Spain, you've got to do some moving around. Every region has its specialty, whether it's art in Madrid, food in Basque country, architecture in Barcelona or flamenco in Andalusia. A fascinating history stretching from Romans to Moors and beyond has left a legacy of castles, palaces, and churches equal to anywhere. Oh, and Spaniards love a party. And you don't need to dodge charging bulls to belong; just grab a wineskin and join in the fun. No fiesta? Just wait a couple of days.

Dubai Delight

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Destinations: Dubai, Al Lin, Abu Dhabi, East Coast 

Dubai has been called the ultimate playground of the rich and famous. The world's most expensive hotel, the Burj Al Arab, that universally recognized sailboat-shaped architectural wonder; the world's tallest building, the Burj al Khalifa, rising in the middle of town; an entire series of man-made islands, in the shape of palm fronds and another series in the shape of the entire world, are being created off the shore line – all in Dubai! The city is surrounded by sand—miles and miles of sand—with rippling dunes that are perfect for 4x4 adventures and camel riding. There is absolutely nothing like Dubai in the world, but you don't have to be rich and famous to enjoy this amazing destination for yourself. 

Morocco Imperial cities

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights

Destinations: Destination: Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Fez, Midelt, Erfoud, Rissani, Merzouga, Marrakech 

Bridging the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and stretching from Saharan sands to cedar groves in the Atlas high country, Morocco is as diverse as they come. In its biggest city, Casablanca, Old World glamor and romance persists amid ultra-modern infrastructure such as the Morocco Mall (Africa’s largest shopping complex) and the upscale Casablanca Marina. Other great Moroccan hubs include Rabat (the capital), Fes, and Tangier, a seductive city at the mouth of the Strait of Gibraltor. Embrace the sophisticated flavors of Moroccan cuisine, where Berber and Moorish influences come marinated in European accents. Nutritious couscous is a go-to base for both vegetable and meat dishes. No trip to Morocco is complete without a bit of warm-hearted socializing over a pot or two of mint tea.


Jerusalem: The holy family trip

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights

Destination: Jerusalem 


INDIA: The golden Triangle 

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Destination: India